Jessie Inu

A global, Social, Humane, Pet, Animal, and
Endangered Species Ecosystem

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Jessie Token

Who We Are

We are an organization that aims to protect and improve animal welfare for domestic pets and wildlife animals. Jessie Inu seeks to improve the welfare of animals through various educational programs. We want to serve as advocates for animals, providing a voice in hopes that all animals are free of abuse and neglect and are able to get the medical care they need. We are committed in our mission to make a difference in the lives of as many animals as possible.

Jessie Inu Ecosystem

Jessie Inu (“JESSIE”) is a global, social, humane, pet, animal, and endangered species ecosystem built on a community-driven project framework with global support from community members to provide much-needed donations to support the ecosystem. JESSIE is a community and donation-based token created on the Ethereum and Binance with future plans to be on Polygon, Cardano, Cronos, and HECO blockchains. We aim to contribute as much as necessary to protect and serve domestic pets and wild animals including endangered species and we highly support all “no kill” shelters. Developers of this project saw an opportunity to make an impactful human and social contribution, by creating a sustainable token for a direly needed human and social responsibility cause.

Future Plan to list on

Mission Statement

It is our mission to advocate and provide protection and assistance for animals in need. To build a worldwide community where people value animals and treat them with respect and kindness, strengthening the animal-human bond.

Be a Part of
Jessie Inu Project

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    Join our Community

    Get to know us by visiting one of our social media platforms and become a part of the Jessie Inu family.

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    Be a part of our Ecosystem

    By purchasing Jessie Inu tokens, you will be contributing to a good cause to protect and improve the lives of pets and wildlife animals, all while expanding your crypto investment.

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    Become a Donor

    We are committed to ensuring the safety, welfare, and well-being of animals. Support the Jessie Inu project by donating directly through one of our donation paths.

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    Continue the Jessie Inu Journey

    After becoming a part of our platform, please continue to support our project for a lifetime of rewards; with your contribution, we will be making a difference in the lives of animals in need.


Total Supply 7,000,000,000,000 Tokens
(Seven Trillion)

BUY TAX (12%)

*4% Liquidity

*4% Marketing

*4% Animal donations

TAX (14%)

*4% Liquidity

*4% Marketing

*4% Animal Donations

*2% Treasury for emergency
care for pet.


Phase 1
  • Legal entity set up, audit, and project team doxing
  • Deploy smart contract, website, whitepaper v1.0, and social media platforms
  • Global community building and partnership with pet and animal crypto projects
  • Website donation wallet and tracker
  • Support immediate pet and animal humanitarian needs
  • Promote Jessie Inu at the Thailand Crypto Expo
  • Learn to Earn educational program
  • Launch on DEXTools, CoinMarketCap, and Coin Gecko
Phase 2
  • Pet help program and emergency medical care
  • Whitepaper v2.0
  • Project Audit
  • Website advertisement and corporate/
    community sponsorships and outreach programs
  • Expand social media presence and project holder count
  • Exchange listings
Phase 3
  • Jessie Wallet
  • Jessie Swap & Staking
  • Jessie Blockchain
Phase 4
  • Shelter, Daycare, and Lodging outreach
  • Jessie Medical partnership outreach
  • Jessie Pet Store and partnership outreach
Phase 5
  • Jessie Relocation Services
  • Insurance & Pension provider coordination
  • Jessie Search & Rescue
Phase 6
  • Jessie Metaverse and NFTs
  • Jessie University
  • Jessie Native Habitat

The Team

Steven Smith
Steven Smith
Clarissa Smith
Clarissa Smith
Tony C.
Tony C.

Jessie Inu Metaverse

We are thrilled to announce the coming of our exciting and unique Jessie Inu metaverse with new technology and interactive virtual reality.

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Talent Hunt!

Jessie Inu is in need of volunteers and support staff to help us fulfil the vision of Jessie Inu
to assist animals in need all over the world.